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PROPERTY LISTINGS understands that home buying begins with the ability to view real estate property listings from the Multi-List. Since Realtors are the only ones who have true access to property listings from the Multi-List everyone must contact a Realtor to receive them. had spoken to many customers about real estate listing to get their view on how they think they will access the listings.

Many home buyers begin on web sites such as which is a good start but not nearly as comprehensive or updated as the real Multi-List. This is where frustration begins and most home buyers first realize the need for a qualified real estate agent. Real estate agents make the home buying process easier for the home buyer and also give the home buyer the representation they need in buying a home.

The property listings from the Multi-List give much more information than any other source. These home listing will tell you how much the property taxes will be. The Multi-List property listings will also give you additional real estate information such as the legal description, directions to the home, any special assessments owed and association fee for condominiums. The property listing will also give you the room sizes, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and total square footage of the home you are buying. In addition, the property listings from the Multi-List will give you the heating source and the type of cooling system. The listings will also give you a legal description of the property.

Real Estate Agents (Realtors) can access you so much information through the Multi-List besides just property listing their value is immeasurable. Doesn’t one of the most uncomfortable feeling come when negotiating a price on a car? Well, for most of us negotiating a good price for a home is even more difficult. It truly is a difficult process. The Realtor may start the process for you by accessing the property listings from the Multi-List. That is truly the real estate agents easiest task when representing home buyers.

An often asked question to representative is “how do I know I am receiving all of the available property listings from my Realtor in my price range”?

A professional full-time Realtor would absolutely want you to receive all available home listings from the Multi-List. It’s the only way you will be able to make a decision on which home you should buy. Real estate agents have no reason to eliminate any listings unless the agent knows that a particular home is overpriced or in bad condition.

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