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We have addressed the importance of location and we know that some of our customers are asking this question. “How do I know I am buying a home in a good location?

One very good indicator of a good location is the quality of the school district. Good schools have a tendency to attract families with children. Most homeowners and home buyers are parents. Most parents want to live in a home with good schools that will provide their children the best education possible. is a proponent of good education. Well educated children are the future of our society and community. Well educated children are also the future customers of Fortunately for home buyers, Southeastern Michigan has a good number of highly rated school districts. These highly rated school districts have a direct affect on the real estate values in the surrounding areas. We will name a few in this article for you to use as an example of how highly rated schools affect home values. It is said (statistically) that Northville Schools are some of the highest rated schools in Michigan. For home buyers in Plymouth and Canton, Plymouth/Canton schools have high ratings as well. House buyers in Farmington Hills can be assured also that they have a very good school system as they were awarded “Exemplary” recently. For those buying a house in Novi rest assured Novi Schools are highly rated. West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills and Walled Lake are also among the highly rated in Oakland County. Back to Wayne County home buying Livonia schools historically were very good and on the rise again. When considering buying a home and you want a good real estate investment always take a good look at the school systems of the community. offers links so you may check the school ratings for any community in Michigan. Look for the tab on our main page and just input the city, township or community of interest and the results will appear immediately. Remember school ratings are directly related to property values. Whether buying a home in Farmington Hills, Novi, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Redford, Livonia, Plymouth, Canton or Northville, always look at the school ratings. An additional feature offered by is “Community Links.” These links will give home buyers the opportunity to see population and census data including such information as median income, diversity, religious institutions, commerce and crime.

Home buyers should be smart. Check all the data prior to buying a house. This is supposed to be your dream home. Don’t allow yourself to wake up some day and realize you don’t know your community. Ask your real estate agent for help too. You should be looking for a professional Realtor that is going to represent you in all aspects of home buying. All professional full-time Realtors have this information available to you. Buying a house is likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. All home buyers deserve to be informed in all aspects of buying a house. This is why is dedicated to making the home buying process easy yet effective for you. We supply much of what you need right at your fingertips. Use our home buying web site to your advantage when buying a house.

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